ChIP Antibody Validation Services Overview

ChIP Validated Antibody Service

Our Epigenetic Services team specializes in performing ChIP-Seq. Because of the need for high-quality antibodies in order to achieve success in this technique, we validate all antibodies internally before using them in genome-wide ChIP assays. To date, we have ChIP-qualified antibodies against more than 250 different targets. If your target of interest is on our list, we can start your project immediately. If it is not, or if you want to ChIP validate your own internally developed antibody, our Antibody Validation Service can give you an answer in as little as three weeks. Please contact us to find out how to initiate an antibody validation project.

Active Motif’s ChIP antibody validation process.

Active Motif makes ChIP antibody validation simple and fast by offering a ChIP antibody validation service. Validation is performed using small-scale ChIP-Seq. Active Motif performs all steps of the experiment including data analysis, and the performance of the antibody is assessed based on the identification of ChIP-Seq peaks.

Flowchart of illustrating the ChIP-Seq procedure used by Active Motif Epigenetic Services to validate antibodies for use in ChIP and ChIP-Seq

ChIP Antibody Validation Services Documents




ChIP Antibody Validation Services Sample Submission Portal

Our online sample submission portal allows you to easily upload your service project samples and track your project status. Follow the sample submission instructions in the portal to ensure that all your samples arrive at Active Motif in the best possible condition and properly associated with your project.

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