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Non-Coding RNA in Prostate Cancer

Non-coding RNA (ncRNA) have been shown to play important roles in prostate cancer, as they can regulate many cellular pathways simultaneously. Prostate cancer is the most frequently diagnosed cancer in men, and is a leading case of caner death.

We would like to highlight the ways in which ncRNAs are regulated and act as regulators of their targets. Listed are some approaches you can take to examine the roles ncRNAs play in your prostate cancer model.

Epigenetics and Prostate Cancer

Products from Active Motif that can be used to support research include:


The following publications have used our products in prostate cancer research:

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  2. Aiello et al., 2016. MALAT1 and HOTAIR Long Non-Coding RNAs Play Opposite Role in Estrogen-Mediated Transcriptional Regulation in Prostate Cancer Cells. Scientific Reports 6: 38414.
  3. Wang et al., 2016. Kaiso, A Transcriptional Repressor, Promotes Cell Migration and Invasion of Prostate Cancer Cells Through Regulation of miR-31 Expression.Oncotarget 7: 5677-5689.