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scDamID, EpiDamID and Lamina Associated Domains (Jop Kind)

Episode 100

May 17, 2023

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we caught up with Jop Kind from Hubrecht Institute to talk about his work on single cell DamID, EpiDamID, and Lamina Associated Domains (LADs).

Jop Kind started out developing single cell DamID (scDamID), based on the DamID technique. First, this technique was adapted to a microscopic readout which enabled them to follow the localisation of chromatin domains after cell division. Next, the lab expanded this technique into the NGS space and created genome-wide maps of nuclear lamina Interactions in single human cells. Since LADs are in a heterochromatic chromatin context, the lab expanded scDamID into the epigenetic space. They first combined it with a transcriptional readout. Later-on they developed EpiDamID, a method to target a diverse set of chromatin types by taking advantage of the binding specificities of single-chain variable fragment antibodies, engineered chromatin reader domains, and endogenous chromatin-binding proteins.