In 2001, C.D. Allis and colleagues described epigenetic information in the form of post-translational histone tail modifications as the 'histone code' that is generated, interpreted, and edited by proteins they coined 'writers', 'readers', and 'erasers' in response to biophysiological and environmental cues. Bromodomain proteins play an integral role in the regulation of transcription and chromatin remodeling by acting as 'readers' of acetylated histone lysine residues. The bromodomain (BRD) is the only protein domain known to specifically recognize and bind acetylated lysine residues on histone tails, although it is also known to bind to non-histone acetylated lysine targets. The bromodomain primarily functions to anchor associated protein complexes to acetylated chromatin, thus regulating its structure and transcriptional potential. Bromodomains are present in a diverse set of proteins associated with a variety of functions, including histone acetyltransferases (GCN5, PCAF), methyltransferases (MLL, ASH1L), helicases (SMARCA), transcriptional coactivators (TRIM, TAFs), nuclear scaffolding proteins (PBRM1), ATP-dependent chromatin-remodeling complex proteins and BET family proteins. Active Motif offers high quality recombinant proteins to the bromodomain sequences of many of these common bromodomain-containing proteins for use in studies of bromodomain function.

A complete list of recombinant bromodomain proteins is shown below. Click on the protein name to see complete information.

Name Expressed In Format Cat No. Price  
Recombinant ASH1L (2407-2579) protein E. coli 100 µg 31445 ¥3,304.60 Buy
1 mg 31845 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant ATAD2 (981-1108) protein E. coli 100 µg 31376 ¥3,264.30 Buy
1 mg 31876 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BAZ1B (1340-1457) protein E. coli 100 µg 31444 ¥3,304.60 Buy
1 mg 31844 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BPTF / FALZ (2791-2911) protein E. coli 100 µg 31447 ¥3,304.60 Buy
1 mg 31847 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD1 (556-688) protein E. coli 100 µg 31438 ¥3,304.60 Buy
1 mg 31838 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD2 (71-194) protein E. coli 100 µg 31442 ¥3,304.60 Buy
1 mg 31842 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD2 (71-194) protein, GST-Tag E. coli 100 µg 81149 ¥3,264.30 Buy
1 mg 81849 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD2 (344-455) protein E. coli 100 µg 31378 ¥3,264.30 Buy
1 mg 31778 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD2 (344-455) protein, GST-Tag E. coli 100 µg 81150 ¥3,264.30 Buy
1 mg 81850 ¥20,956 Buy
Recombinant BRD3 (24-144) protein E. coli 100 µg 31379 ¥3,264.30 Buy
1 mg 31779 ¥20,956 Buy