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Epigenetics of Aging eBook

CUT&RUN Complete Guide

Overview, Methods, and Resources

CUT&RUN is a valuable tool for studying chromatin-associated proteins because it is sensitive, specific, and requires fewer cells than ChIP, making it ideal for identifying binding patterns of chromatin-associated proteins such as transcription factors or histone modifications genome-wide. This eBook is a complete resource for CUT&RUN, from the background and novelty of the method, to evaluating when it’s the best choice for your research, including sample data, analysis tips, and resources for further study.

Topics covered include:

  • Method Comparison: CUT&RUN vs CUT&Tag vs ChIP-Seq
  • Advantages and Limitations of CUT&RUN
  • CUT&RUN Workflow, Sample Data & Peak Analysis
  • Reagents for CUT&RUN
  • FAQs and Additional Resources

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