ATAC-Seq Assay Kits

Genome-wide profiling of open chromatin regions

ATAC-Seq (Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin) is a rapid and simple method for profiling open chromatin regions genome-wide. Because ATAC-Seq utilizes hyperactive mutant transposase Tn5, NGS adapters are simultaneously integrated while open chromatin regions are fragmented by the transposase, yielding next-gen sequencing-ready libraries without a library preparation step in 1-2 days.

Profile open chromatin regions in fresh or frozen cells or tissues.

Profile open chromatin regions in formaldehyde-fixed cells.

Pure recombinant Tn5 transposase enzyme in 10 µg, 100 µg or larger quantities.

Multiplex up to 96 ATAC-Seq samples.