Specialized ChIP-IT® Kits

expand the utility of the ChIP procedure

In developing its ChIP-IT® Express Kits, Active Motif greatly enhanced the speed and efficiency of the chromatin IP procedure through the inclusion of protein G-conjugated magnetic beads and the development of optimized buffers & an easy-to-follow yet comprehensive protocol. We have strengthened our position as the leader in developing innovative ChIP products by applying these improvements to the creation of the first kit for analyzing the cross-talk between DNA methylation and chromatin interactions or modifications, ChIP-Bis-Seq, the first kit for performing sequential chromatin immunoprecipitation, Re-ChIP-IT®, the first kit for studying the involvement of non-coding RNA in epigenetic processes, RNA ChIP-IT®, as well as the the first kit that enables the processing of 96 chromatin immunoprecipitation reactions simultaneously, ChIP-IT® Express HT. The methods provided in these specialized ChIP kits will help you to expand the utility of the ChIP technique to better achieve your research goals.