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There are several pathways by which cells repair damaged DNA, many of which intersect with the cell cycle in order to halt cell division until the repairs are completed. Defects in a number of DNA damage repair proteins are involved in many cancers. Active Motif sells recombinant proteins important in DNA damage repair for your research into DNA damage pathways.

Name Expressed In Format Cat No. Price  
Recombinant BRCA1 protein Baculovirus 2 µg 31113 ¥7,177.50 Buy Now
Recombinant p53 protein Baculovirus 5 µg 31103 ¥6,742.50 Buy Now
Recombinant p53 protein E. coli 10 µg 31465 ¥5,727.50 Buy Now
Recombinant PXR protein Baculovirus 5 µg 31144 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
Recombinant SIRT1 (193-741) protein E. coli 100 µg 31533 ¥5,872.50 Buy Now
1 mg 31933 ¥37,700 Buy Now