Chromeo™ Tools for Click Chemistry

effective bio-orthogonal labeling with Chromeo™ Dyes

Chromeo™ Dyes – Chromeo 488, Chromeo 494, Chromeo 546 and Chromeo 642 – exhibit superior fluorescent properties, broad Stokes shifts, stability towards photobleaching and pH, and low cell toxicity. In addition, they are compatible with most excitation sources including diode lasers, LEDs, tungsten lamps and xenon arc lamps. For use in bio-orthogonal labeling, Chromeo Dyes are offered as click-reactive azides or alkynes.

Click labeling with Chromeo Dye azides
Figure 1: Click-labeling with Chromeo Dye azides.

Chromeo™ Azide and Alkyne advantages

  • High fluorescent intensity
  • Photostability – enables multiple exposures and increased exposure time
  • pH insensitive
  • Low background
  • Ready to use in click-reactions

In addition to click chemistry reagents, Chromeo Dyes are offered in a variety of formats like amine reactive NHS-Esters, which have been shown to label amines in peptides, proteins or amino modified DNA. 

HeLa cells stained by alpha Tubulin mAb and Chromeo 546 Fluorescent Secondary Antibody

Figure 2: Chromeo 546 staining in HeLa cells.
HeLa cells were stained with alpha Tubulin mouse mAb (Clone 5-B-1-2) and Chromeo 546 Goat anti-mouse IgG.

Name Absorption Emission Format Cat No. Price  
Chromeo™ 488 Alkyne 488 nm 517 nm 1 unit 15189 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 494 Alkyne 494 nm 628 nm 1 unit 15190 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 494 Azide 494 nm 628 nm 1 unit 15193 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 546 Alkyne 545 nm 561 nm 1 unit 15191 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 546 Azide 545 nm 561 nm 1 unit 15194 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 642 Alkyne 642 nm 660 nm 1 unit 15192 Get Quote
Chromeo™ 642 Azide 642 nm 660 nm 1 unit 15195 Get Quote
Dye Absorption Emission Spectra ε L/(mol-cm) Stokes shift
Chromeo™ 488 488 nm 517 nm Chromeo 488 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 73,000 29 nm
Chromeo™ 494 494 nm 628 nm Chromeo 494 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 55,000 134 nm
Chromeo™ 546 545 nm 561 nm Chromeo 546 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 98,800 16 nm
Chromeo™ 642 642 nm 660 nm Chromeo 642 Fluorescent Dye Spectra 180,000 18 nm
Table 1: Properties of Chromeo™ Dyes.

To receive more detailed information and application data for individual Chromeo Dyes, simply click on the name of the Chromeo Dye of your choice in the table above. To see a larger spectra image, click on the spectrum of your choice.

Contents & Storage

Chromeo™ Dye Azides and Alkynes are supplied lyophilized and should be stored at the recommended temperature in the dark.

All products are guaranteed 6 months when stored properly.

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