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Sex-biased Imprinting and DNA Regulatory Landscapes During Reprogramming (Sam Buckberry)

Episode 117

January 25, 2024

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we talked with Sam Buckberry from the Telethon Kids Institute about his work on gene imprinting, sex-biased gene expression, DNA regulatory landscapes, and genomics in the indigenous population of Australia.

Sam Buckberry's research career started with working on the imprinting of H19, IGF2, and IGF2R genes in the placenta. We talk about the controversy surrounding the imprinting of IGF2R and how his study used pyrosequencing to quantify gene expression. We also discuss Sam's work on sex-biased gene expression in the placenta and the identification of a cluster of genes related to placental development and pregnancy.

In addition, we talk about Sam's research on reprogramming and the characterization of DNA regulatory landscapes during the process. We discuss the challenges of working with sequencing data, the discovery of epigenetic memories, and erasing them during reprogramming. Towards the end of the conversation, Sam mentions his current work in setting up an epigenetics group focused on indigenous genomics. They are conducting a large-scale, multi-omics study on cardiometabolic conditions in samples from indigenous Australian communities, with the goal of identifying biomarkers and better understanding the molecular basis of these conditions.


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