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Single-Cell Technologies using Microfluidics (Ben Hindson, CSO of 10x Genomics)

Episode 70

March 16, 2022

In this episode of the Epigenetics Podcast, we caught up with Ben Hindson, Chief Scientific Officer at 10X Genomics, to talk about single-cell technologies using microfluidics.

Epigenetics has moved well past a simple understanding of a single epigenetic layer of control at genomic regions of interest, thanks to advances in many techniques and the application of “multiomics”. We can now analyze genome-wide histone modification patterns, transcription factor binding profiles, chromatin accessibility profiles, three-dimensional chromosomal conformation, and DNA methylation dynamics combined with transcriptomic analyses and associated analytical platforms.

Bulk Assays, like ATAC-Seq or ChIP, despite all their advantages, do not provide information about the chromatin states of individual subpopulations of cells within a sample. To identify chromatin features in heterogeneous populations, such as blood, pancreas, and brain, those analysis need to be performed at a single-cell level. 10X Genomics has been at the forefront of the movement into the single cell space and in this Episode we discuss this work with Ben Hindson, CSO of 10X genomics.


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