Protein G Agarose & Magnetic Beads

ensure successful chromatin immunoprecipitation

ChIP-IT® Kits make performing chromatin immunoprecipitation (ChIP, chromatin IP) more successful by combining all of the critical components needed in a single kit. However, for researchers who routinely perform ChIP with their own optimized protocols, Active Motif is making it faster and easier to obtain consistency in chromatin preparation and improve the quality of the ChIP reactions with our low background Protein G magnetic or agarose beads and our ChIP-IT® Fixation Buffer.

Protein G Agarose Prepacked Columns

Protien G Agarose Prepacked Column For researchers interested in streamlining their workflow, Active Motif offers Protein G Agarose Columns. These are ready-to-use ChIP columns that contain the same high affinity protein G agarose beads included in the ChIP-IT High Sensitivity® Kit. The beads have been specifically engineered to greatly reduce non-specific binding. The beads are pre-washed and loaded into filtration columns. Simply add the ChIP reaction to the columns and use the cap to seal. The incubation and wash steps are performed within the column to streamline the process and prevent any loss of material. The columns offer a faster solution to centrifugation and magnetic separation methods and result in better reproducibility between samples because no material is lost.


Protein G Agarose Beads

Alternatively, Protein G Agarose Beads are available without the columns. The beads have a binding capacity of 10 µg IgG/µl bead and are provided as a 50% slurry. Beads should be washed with TE, pH 8.0 prior to use in chromatin immunoprecipitation reactions.

ChIP-IT Fixation Buffer

Additionally, Active Motif has the ChIP-IT® Fixation Buffer available as a stand alone reagent. This specially formulated buffer can be used during the formaldehyde fixation step of chromatin preparation to help eliminate pH effects during chromatin preparation and provide better consistency among chromatin preparations, resulting in better ChIP results. Simply add formaldehyde to the ChIP-IT Fixation Buffer and add directly to the cell culture growth medium. Then proceed with the ChIP protocol of your choice.

Protein G Magnetic Beads

For researchers looking to use magnetic beads, Active Motif offers the ChIP-IT® Protein G Magnetic Beads. These are the same Protein G magnetic beads included in the ChIP-IT® Express Kits.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
Protein G Agarose Columns 30 rxns 53039 ¥5,400 Buy
5 rxns 53037 ¥1,300 Buy
Protein G Agarose Beads 1.2 ml 37499 ¥2,540 Buy
TE, pH 8.0 35 ml 37515 ¥1,690 Buy
ChIP-IT® Fixation Buffer 3 ml 53038 ¥1,300 Buy
ChIP-IT® Protein G Magnetic Beads 40 rxns 53033 ¥2,860 Buy

Contents & Storage

  • Protein G-coated magnetic beads contain enough beads for 25 ChIP reactions. Protein G Magnetic beads may be shipped on dry ice, but following their intial thaw, the beads should not be re-frozen. Upon receipt, store at 4°C.
  • Protein G agarose columns contain 30 µl of Protein G agarose beads per column and each kit includes 30 columns. The Protein G agarose columns are shipped on dry ice and can be stored at -20°C. Once columns have been thawed, they should not be re-frozen, but stored at 4°C.
  • ChIP-IT® Fixation Buffer is shipped at room temperature and can be stored at 4°C upon receipt.

All reagents are guaranteed stable for 6 months when stored properly.