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Learn more about PIXUL®

Introduction to the LightSwitchTM Luciferase Reporter Assay System

Learn how to use the LightSwitchTM luciferase assay system to eliminate cloning from your reporter assay workflow and focus on designing and performing the best experiments.

Learn more about LightSwitchTM

How to Become a ChIP Assay Expert

ChIP is a powerful method to study protein-DNA interactions and to investigate the locations of histone modifications across the genome. But ChIP assays take time to master. This video highlights all the ways Active Motif can help you become a ChIP assay expert.

Learn more about how to Become a ChIP Assay Expert

How TransAM® transcription factor activation assays work

TransAM® kits are sensitive, non-radioactive transcription factor ELISA-based assays that facilitate the study of transcription factor activation in mammalian tissue and cell extracts. These optimized assays are available for many different transcription factors. Watch this short video to learn how they work.

Learn more about TransAM® assays

Overview of TAM-ChIPTM Technology

This short video provides an overview of the transposase-assisted multiplex ChIP (TAM-ChIP) technology. TAM-ChIP is a robust, one-step method that combines the antibody-directed protein targeting of ChIP with Illumina-compatible next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation into a single step.

Learn more about TAM-ChIP

Protein G Agarose Prepacked Columns

Active Motif's ready-to-use, pre-washed, and pre-packed Protein G Agarose Columns have been specifically engineered to greatly reduce non-specific binding in ChIP assays. Simply add the ChIP reaction and perform the incubation and wash steps on the column to streamline the process and prevent any loss of material, offering a faster and more reproducible solution to centrifugation and magnetic separation methods.

Learn more about protein G beads

Identifying Targets of Human microRNAs Using LightSwitchTM 3' UTR GoClones® and miRNA Mimics

This video describes how to use the LightSwitch Luciferase Assay System to identify miRNA targets by co-transfecting individual 3'UTR luciferase reporter constructs and miRNA mimics. This protocol is efficient, reproducible, and amenable to high-throughput analysis.

Learn more about LightSwitchTM 3´UTR® Reporter GoClones

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