Single-Cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) Service

transcriptome profile analysis at the single-cell level


scRNA-Seq Overview

scRNA-Seq Service

Single-Cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) enables transcriptome analysis at the single-cell level. Understanding the transcriptome profile at single-cell resolution can help deconvolute gene expression in heterogenous populations.

What are the advantages of using scRNA-Seq?

scRNA-Seq can be used to identify cell subpopulations with different transcriptome profiles within complex samples, eliminating the need for isolation strategies like FACS or magnetic sorting that could alter the biology of the sample due to sample manipulation. For example:

  • Identifying novel cell subpopulations that are responsible for response to drug treatments (responders vs. resistant cells)
  • Identifying subpopulations of cells with variations in gene expression that can provide insight into developmental trajectories (for example, brain development, T-helper cell development, B-cell differentiation)

Learn More About Single-Cell RNA-Seq

Active Motif’s end-to-end scRNA-Seq Service includes:

  1. Cell preparation
  2. Sample processed using 10X Genomics Chromium platform
  3. Library generation
  4. Sequencing
  5. Bioinformatic analysis

scRNA-Seq Data

Identify unique subpopulations of cells within a single sample. (Click image to enlarge)

Figure 1: Identify unique subpopulations of cells within a single sample.

Single-Cell RNA-Seq data generated from human PBMCs. Each color-coded cluster on the UMAP plot represents populations of cells that have the same gene expression profile. 20 refined clusters were identified.

Heatmap of differentially expressed genes per cluster.(Click image to enlarge)

Figure 2: Heatmap of differentially expressed genes per cluster.

Genes that are differentially expressed in each cluster are displayed as a heatmap.



What is single-cell RNA-Seq?

Single-Cell RNA-Seq (scRNA-Seq) measures gene expression at single-cell resolution.

How is scRNA-Seq different from bulk RNA-Seq?

Bulk RNA-Seq can assess changes in expression due to experimental conditions (it is not specific to a single cell type), and scRNA-Seq can assess differences between cell types or find cell types. The data from scRNA-Seq is much larger than from bulk RNA-Seq.

Is this service only offered for human samples?

It is currently only offered for human and mouse samples.

Is this service available for tissue samples?

No, this service is only accepting single-cell suspensions from either suspension or adherent cell populations.

Is scRNA-Seq compatible with FFPE samples?

No, the 10X Genomics platform does not support FFPE samples.

How many cells are required for Active Motif’s scRNA-Seq Service?

1 – 2 Million cells are preferred.

What is the read depth for Active Motif’s scRNA-Seq Service?

Per 10X Genomics recommendations, we perform at least 30,000 read pairs per cell. We target 5000 cells, achieving a range of 3000 to 7000 cells.


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