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Comprehensive ATAC-Seq Solutions

Services, Products, and Educational Resources to Make ATAC-Seq Easy

The Assay for Transposase-Accessible Chromatin via Sequencing (ATAC-Seq) has become a standard laboratory method to investigate chromatin states on a genome-wide level. ATAC-Seq assays are being used as a first step into the world of epigenetics by many researchers because they allow scientists to investigate epigenetic profiles in samples without a requirement for prior knowledge of the specific epigenetic mechanisms that might be involved.

The beauty of ATAC-Seq is that the workflow can be applied to almost all experimental settings because it is compatible with many different sample types (cell lines, primary cells, and tissue samples) and it does not require validated antibodies that are species- and target-specific. These advantages have made ATAC-Seq an ideal gateway into epigenetics because the assay both makes it easy to get started and results from the ATAC-Seq experiments will also guide the subsequent experiments by providing information on which genomic regions have open or accessible chromatin.

While the ATAC-Seq protocols are relatively straightforward, they still take time to master. Active Motif offers a complete line of solutions to make it easy for all researchers to generate high-quality ATAC-Seq data they can trust, including ATAC-Seq services, single-cell ATAC-Seq services, ATAC-Seq kits, and educational resources.

ATAC-Seq Services

End-to-end services to generate genome-wide profiles of open chromatin regions from <100,000 cells.

Single-Cell ATAC-Seq Services

End-to-end service to identify open chromatin regions using ATAC-Seq at single-cell resolution.

ATAC-Seq Kit

Analyze open chromatin regions on a genome-wide scale.

Complete Guide to ATAC-Seq

This article discusses what ATAC-Seq is, it’s history, how it works, and some discoveries enabled by ATAC-Seq.

Learn More From Our ATAC-Seq Experts

ATAC-Seq: Mapping Open Chromatin

ATAC-Seq is a powerful technique that enables the mapping of accessible, or open, chromatin regions across the genome. The ATAC-Seq assay has been used by many researchers to investigate the role of epigenetics in many biological processes and disease states. This webinar covers the ATAC-Seq method in depth and discusses how it can be applied to epigenetics research.

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Understanding Single-Cell ATAC-Seq and its Applications

ATAC-Seq and Single-Cell ATAC-Seq (scATAC-Seq) are powerful tools for investigating the epigenetic mechanisms responsible for regulating a particular cellular response or that contribute to a disease state. This webinar will explain how these popular techniques work and discuss how they can be useful in epigenetics research.

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