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Protein phosphorylation is a common event in cell signaling pathways. Kinases are enzymes that add a phosphate group to proteins and are classified by the residue that accepts the phosphate (Ser/Thr or Tyr). Kinases that phosphorylate serine or threonine residues are more prevalent than tyrosine kinases. Active Motif offers highly purified, active kinases for use in cell signaling kinase assays.

Name Expressed In Format Cat No. Price  
Recombinant EGFR protein Baculovirus 10 µg 31165 ¥5,727.50 Buy Now
Recombinant ERK2 protein E. coli 5 µg 31153 ¥5,872.50 Buy Now
Recombinant FAK protein Baculovirus 10 µg 31168 ¥5,727.50 Buy Now
Recombinant IKKε protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81117 ¥5,872.50 Buy Now
1 mg 81817 ¥50,750 Buy Now
Recombinant MST1 protein Baculovirus 10 µg 31355 ¥5,872.50 Buy Now
Myelin Basic Protein, dephosphorylated Bovine 5 mg 31314 ¥2,827.50 Buy Now
Recombinant PDK1 protein Baculovirus 20 µg 81090 ¥5,727.50 Buy Now
1 mg 81790 ¥50,750 Buy Now