TouchDown™ Precipitation Reagent

precipitate small quantities of nucleic acids without carriers

TouchDown™ is an innovative precipitation reagent that enables the precipitation of any nucleic acid without the addition of salt, mussel glycogen or any other carrier. It is ideal for precipitating small quantities of DNA and mRNA. With TouchDown, the precipitation may be carried out at +4°C, eliminating the need to freeze the samples at -70°C. TouchDown Precipitation Reagent is supplied in a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) bottle. Simply add 20 ml of ethanol (absolute) to this bottle before use to resuspend the reagent. Three to five volumes of TouchDown are required per precipitation. Enough reagent is provided to conduct 40 x 500 µl precipitations.

Name Format Cat No. Price  
TouchDown™ Precipitation Reagent 400 mg 80280 ¥1,300 Buy