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The cell cycle describes a series of events that are contingent upon one another, resulting in the successful duplication and division of the parent cell. To ensure that each stage happens at the proper time and only when the stage before it has been completed, a large number of proteins exist that regulate the process. These cell cycle regulatory proteins are important subjects of cell biology research and Active Motif offers high-quality antibodies to many of them.

The antibodies in the table below are directed against proteins involved in the cell cycle. Click on antibody name to see its complete information. To find the antibodies you're looking for using a variety of specific search criteria, use the Search box and/or apply the various Filters in the left column. Or, you can choose to see antibodies by various groups by selecting from the lists under Available Products in the top right.

Name Isotype Reactivity Appl. Format Cat No. Price  
Aurora B antibody (pAb) Serum Human, Mouse, Other (Wide Range) ICC, IF, WB 200 µl 39261 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
10 µl 39262 ¥1,435.50 Buy Now
CDKN2A p14ARF antibody (pAb) IgG Human WB 100 µl 61689 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
10 µl 61690 ¥1,435.50 Buy Now
INCENP antibody (mAb) IgG1 Human, Mouse, Other (Wide Range) ICC, IF 200 µg 39259 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
10 µg 39260 ¥1,435.50 Buy Now
MAD2L1 antibody (mAb) IgG1 Human, Mouse, Other (Wide Range) WB 200 µg 39399 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
10 µg 39400 ¥1,435.50 Buy Now
STAT1α antibody (pAb) Serum Human WB 100 µl 39059 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
UBE2N antibody (pAb) IgG Human WB 100 µg 39224 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now
UBE2V1α antibody (pAb) IgG Human WB 100 µg 39225 ¥6,162.50 Buy Now